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Welcome to ‘White Collar Investigator’

Hello and welcome to ‘White Collar Investigator’. I created this blog so I could share my thoughts and knowledge on White Collar Crime and Forensic investigations. With wide ranging and extensive experience in carrying out forensic investigations, I have developed a great understanding of the ground rules surrounding a white-collar crime and its investigation involving top law enforcement officials and lawyers from across the globe. I have been an advisor to various companies across industries advising them on fraud, misconduct, misrepresentation and  developing anti-fraud frameworks to best fit their needs in private and public sectors, and have a lot of insights into solving the intricacies of investigations. My experience also surrounds admission and information gathering interviews and taking witness and suspect statements.

I have worked with top consulting firms like Deloitte and Protiviti in countries including the Middle East (UAE, Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain), India, Singapore and Afghanistan, working in a capacity of a Senior Manager to evolve or setup Forensic Services department. Currently, I am working with a Health Services Authority in the UAE to set up their Forensic & Ethics Department. Working with top tier companies has given me exposure to lead, manage and execute large engagements involving various processes and IT systems to define forensic strategy and investigations using data analytics. I hope to be able to share my experiences and topics of interest with you.

In my spare time you’ll find me sketching, trekking and reading about cars and gadgets. I am an innovative and commercially focused professional who is interested in new developments and end-results in investigations.


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