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#MyPrivacy #MyRight (2022)

If you ever thought you could run away into the wilderness without being noticed, think again. Right from the time you get up in the morning, picking up your mobile devices, wearing your fitness tracker, and every aspect of your life is connected to an unknown world—a world that decides whether you are noteworthy or play worthy of being tracked. A common man is caught up in a world that is intertwined between your private life, gains of the government through surveillance capitalism and the law of the internet and dark web. This book takes you through a journey that looks at various privacy aspects of your private life and unusual case laws. Laws that have challenged the courts to think beyond the traditional line of thinking. They have also influenced the media who are looking for juicy scoops to make stories more enticing for their viewership/ readership. It further dwells into the idea of Artificial Intelligence, and it will make things even more invasive with the unknown sources and data of an individual that is out there. Finally, the book attempts to answer the question of what should individuals do if they are caught up in a storm of data breaches. Remember, once the information is out on the internet, it is virtually impossible to redact it back.


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