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The What’s of the Digital World

The Internet has dramatically changed the world in which we live. As the world of technology continues to evolve and change, it has resulted in the creation of another problem; that of cyber crime.

What Is Cyber Crime?

Although the term cyber crime is frequently touted in headlines, it can sometimes be misunderstood. A cyber crime is essentially any type of crime that is committed online.

What Are the Types of Cyber Crimes?

There are actually many different types of cyber crimes, which are detailed below.


In this type of crime, an individual’s computer is breached, often through the use of software, thus giving criminals access to sensitive personal information. Hacking is classified as a felony in the United States.


This type of crime occurs when an individual violates copyright laws in order to download movies, music, software, or games. Such theft may occur through peer-sharing websites that actually encourage individuals to commit software piracy.

Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking is a form of online harassment that may involve emails and other forms of online messages. In most instances of cyber stalking, the victim is acquainted with the stalker. Cases of cyber stalking can escalate into offline stalking.

Identity Theft

In this form of cyber crime, criminals may gain access to an individual’s credit cards, bank account, debit card, Social Security, and other types of sensitive information in order to steal money or purchase items online using the victim’s name. Along with financial losses, identity theft can also negatively impact the victim’s credit history.

Malicious Software

Malicious software involves the use of online-based programs and software that are utilized to deliberately disrupt networks. Such software may be used for gaining access to systems for the purposes of stealing data or other sensitive information.

Child Solicitation and Abuse

In this type of cyber crime, minors are solicited via chatrooms specifically for the purposes of child pornography.

What Is Cyber Security? Is It Different from Cyber Crime?

The goal of cyber security is to combat cyber crime. It typically involves a set of specific safeguards enacted to ensure the integrity of information as it passes through various networks, thus making it vulnerable to attacks from scripts and viruses.

What Do You Mean by Digital Crimes?

Digital crime does differ slightly from cyber crime in that it includes any type of illegal activity that involves information technology infrastructure. This could include illegal or unauthorized access to information or interception of computer data.

Who Is a Computer Forensic Investigator? What Do They Do?

Computer forensic investigators, also known as forensic analysts, are specially trained professionals who work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies for the purposes of retrieving information from data storage devices, including computers. Although computer forensic investors do often work with law enforcement, they may also be responsible for testing the security of private information systems.

Does the Market Need Computer Forensic Investigators?

In light of the numerous highly publicized hacking cases that have occurred in the last few years, there is definitely a need for computer forensic investigators in today’s market. There are numerous reasons for employing the skills of a computer forensic investigator. For instance, in legal cases, a computer forensic investigator can analyze computer systems and assist in recovering data. Computer forensic investigators may also work to analyze computer systems following a breach or break-in in order to determine how the attacker gained access to the system, as well as what the attacker did to the system. Additionally, computer forensic investigators may assist with gathering evidence and/or information for the purposes of performance optimization or debugging.

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